Miscellanea is prose on earnest living from the porch of a photographer in New Orleans — a home for questions, critique, and curiosities. Let’s grow together.

A few years back, I found myself with lots of time and little to say — with an itching intuition that the challenges I faced would best be approached as opportunities for expression. I was growing, and I wanted a space to share that. The nature of life is transformative, and all of our varying interests inform our experience of growth and change. Miscellanea is my take on that, for anyone ready for some self-reflection.

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Drinking a beer on my porch with our dog, Maggie

What readers say

“Miscellanea finds the margins… I’m always looking for things that stretch my perspective, and they’re here in each issue.”

Stephanie, Norfolk, VA

”Your words here often replenish me on days when my spirit is parched.”

Patricia, New Orleans, LA

“Best newsletter you’ll subscribe to.”

Carter, Portland, OR

“A thoughtful, pleasant pause in my day. I enjoy both the photography and writing and am prompted to reflect.”

Taylor, Baton Rouge, LA

“That pleasant surprise that arrives in your inbox and reminds you to pause, and see that life is much more beautiful and expansive than we might think…Michael is methodical, witty and faithful to send you some whimsy when you least expect it.”

Grace, Salt Lake City, UT

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Weekly prose on earnest living from the porch of a photographer in New Orleans. Let's grow together.


M.G. Tucker
Photographer and writer.