#95: Introducing a new home for my photo work — Happy Birthday to me!

October 2022

#94: A photographic dance through the streets — and far too long an email for your humble inbox
#93: Art, love, and living — a small set of photos and collected quotes

August 2022

#92: A recap of selects from a quick weekend in the city and the valley

March 2022

#91: Thinking about Mardi Gras and cemeteries and how to share my work

February 2022

#90: Winding words in some kind of rhythm, a way of breaking in and breaking out
#89: Scraps and findings from living; it's all humble and slow

January 2022

#88: Apparent ancient wisdom and quiet visuals of peripheral light
#87: Cemeteries on expired film — on feeling the past and not ignoring it
#86: On the refrain of a loveless place, ft. photos of a neighborhood beside a prison
#85: Betting on a quick trick, ft. some b-sides from the west-coast

December 2021

#84: A curious year and love as the opposite of control, ft. b-sides from 2021