#77: The coolness of digging in the dirt and the way it decompresses us
#76: The one in which my friends at Studio interview me
#75: Making a trail or two, attending the distractions, and becoming plural
#74: As the light zapped the bugs, we reflected on ourselves, ft. notes to self and snaps of summer
#73: Some post-Ida venting; because everything is not gonna be alright
#72: Journal notes and photos from the hours leading up to Ida's landfall
#71: On art as friendship and a call for your peaceful places, ft. late winter walks in my neighborhood
#71: Making sense of losing senses, a must-read on grief, and some beautiful words from a reader — plus a fresh set of photos, to boot
#70: Our never-ending summer, getting a grip on time, and the quest to remember, featuring an edit of rejects from the archive
#69: Dwelling on down-time, a Pontcha Surf Club feature, and a peak behind the scenes of tour
#68: Lessons of quarantine and the generosity of truth, wisdom from basketball, and photos from Shell Beach
#67: An evergreen tweet, some absolute Japanese bops, and yes, pictures of porches