Honored to be quoted here. Thank you.

Your featured photo is a perfect compliment to your post’s message. As in: Show don’t tell. The tableau is spellbinding.

On a side note, and perhaps worthy of exploring, consider reading the book *The Alphabet and the Goddess*.

The author’s thesis is that after the invention of photography, cinema and television, the culture at large began to slowly move away from the divisive nature of the written word (which by necessity must rely on polarities to convey meaning) and back into the realm of images.

I could elaborate more, but you probably get the gist of his argument.

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Jul 14, 2023·edited Jul 14, 2023Author

Thank you ♥

Choosing the photos can sometimes take as long as writing the piece. Waiting for the right thing to reveal itself; something that can speak more than the words themselves. In this case (in many cases, really) juxtaposing anything concerning mortality fits well with the ideas of presence and meaning.

I'll have to check out the book once I'm done reading the other 7 I'm in the middle of 😂 But I definitely jive with the thesis. Imagery can be so much more than it feels to be in its present state in the world.

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